Aldebarán Sistemas, always at the forefront of innovation, once again surpasses itself with the acquisition and improvement of new equipment for the quality control of its products. Our laboratory, equipped with cutting edge equipment, is eagerly awaiting the arrival of new helium densimeter, an equipment to determine the real density of each of our products.

While waiting for the equipment arrival, we will extend the gas installation to room 2 of the chemical laboratory and condition it to meet the densimeter requirements.

How does the helium densimeter work?

The measurement principle of Helium pycnometry is based on the principle of gas expansion and Boyle’s law. The solid sample is introduced into a measurement cell and a pressure of Helium gas (or others depending on the application) is applied, in this way the gas will be introduced into all the pores and voids of the sample. The pressure value is recorded and measured with a transducer. Next, a valve is opened and the gas is allowed to expand to fill a pre-calibrated expansion volume. As the gas expands, logically the pressure decreases and is measured again with the same transducer.

Assuming constant temperature and applying Boyle’s law, the free space in the measurement cell is determined, and therefore the real volume occupied by our sample can be measured. Density is calculated from the actual mass and volume. This technology provides high precision real density values, with 3 or 4 decimal places and is also a non-destructive test.

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Investing in equipment is investing in quality. And quality is what differentiates us.

If you have any need regarding raw material analysis, do not hesitate to contact us to advise you on what you require.

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