Compliance and Whistelblower Channel

ALDEBARÁN is fully committed to the highest standards of regulatory compliance in all its relationships and activities.

ALDEBARÁN continues to roll out its Criminal Risk Management System by setting up a Criminal Risk Management System. To that end, it is essential that its partners, employees, collaborators, users, customers, suppliers and other interested parties be informed of the objective of ensuring professional and commercial performance in line with the company’s values and commitments, regulatory compliance and risk prevention.

A Compliance System in line with ALDEBARÁN’s responsible ethical model

As part of setting up the Criminal Risk Management System, ALDEBARÁN Management Body, has approved as a first-level internal rule of Compliance, the Criminal Risk Management System Policy and the Code of Conduct, which sets out compliance guidelines that we wish to put in place in the thoughts and actions of all our partners, employees, collaborators, customers, suppliers and interest groups.

Compliance Responsible

In order to provide ALDEBARÁN with the necessary mechanisms to ensure regulatory compliance, self-regulation, respect for the commitments made and the supervision and improvement of the Criminal Risk Management System and corporate compliance, the Management Body of ALDEBARÁN has appointed and empowered a Compliance Responsible comprising internal staff specialized in ALDEBARÁN’s ethical values and compliance with external expert advice on regulatory requirements and their adequacy, risk management systems; in compliance risk management and in the design of controls, action plans, self-assessments, verifications, specialized training and audits in order to ensure effective compliance with corporate obligations.

Whistleblower Channel

At ALDEBARÁN we express our zero tolerance for non-compliance with regulations, ethical principles and malpractice, as well as the commission of any act or conduct that is illicit, illegal or that involves any action, even potential, tending towards corruption, fraud and conflicts of interest.

ALDEBERÁN makes available to its members and any interested party, its Whistleblower Channel to make inquiries regarding compliance with the Code of Conduct and the Criminal Risk Prevention Policy, as well as to communicate, confidentially and even anonymously, any suspicion or knowledge of conduct, actions or omissions committed by a member of ALDEBARÁN in the exercise of their functions:

  • constitute infringements of European Union Law,
  • may constitute a serious or very serious administrative offence, including, specifically, those that may involve an economic loss for the Public Treasury and Spanish National Health System,
  • constitute breaches of the values, guidelines for action or standards of values, guidelines for action of conduct contained in the Code of Conduct of ALDEBARÁN and other internal regulations of ALDEBARÁN that is mandatory.

See our Prevention Policy HERE.

See our Code of Conduct HERE.

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