One of the hallmarks that defines us is the priority we give to the safety of our human team during the work process. When working with chemicals, it is essential to maintain an optimal level of safety during their handling.

For this reason, during the production process in our isolated rooms, we use an environmental monitoring instrument that allows us to check the quality of work surroundings at a glance

The equipment continuously and simultaneously monitors the concentration of respirable and inhalable particles in the air/environment so that, if the permitted limits are exceeded, it emits an acoustic and light signal (red) to warn of this. Additionally, the equipment is programmed to emit a green light when the concentration is so low that staff can work without a mask.

In addition, each operator carries a portable particulate monitor throughout the work day that informs them of the quality of the work environment. In this way, our staff, at all times, work in the safest and most comfortable conditions.

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“The safest person is on guard even when he appears to be safe from all danger.”

-Publio Siro-

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