Aldebarán Sistemas has collaborated with the university team of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) FARADAY ROCKETRY UPV, which participated in the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) last October 2023.

This is a European-level competition created by the Portuguese Space Agency that has been held since 2020. During October 10 and 16, the largest rocket competition and aerospace convention in Europe was held in Costanza (Portugal). This contest, focused on university students, is based on presenting an innovative project for the development of a rocket that will later be launched. The competition is divided into categories according to the height of the apogee (3000 or 9000 meters) and the type of engine (liquid or solid).

In this edition, the UPV university team has obtained the “Flight Award” that makes them the team with the best flying rocket in all of Europe.

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The Faraday Rocketry UPV team has obtained the “Flight Award” at the 2023 European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoc)

The Faraday Rocketry UPV Spontaneous Generation team, dedicated to the research and development of sounding rockets, was presented with the GENESIS project.

The rocket managed to reach an apogee, according to telemetry data, of 2914.3 meters, becoming one of the teams closest to the 3000 meter mark. Likewise, the controlled descent and fall of the rocket were executed in such a way that the GENESIS rocket touched down safely and was recovered in one piece without damage to the different systems that make up the vehicle. This manual launch gave Faraday the best flight score.

Faraday has placed itself in the Top 5 of the best European teams in the aerospace field and is already developing new projects for the first quarter of 2024, in which Aldebarán Sistemas is delighted to collaborate again.

Congratulations Faraday team for your award and good luck with your new projects. To infinity and beyond!

Source: Faraday Rocketry UPV

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