Aldebaran Sistemas participated past Thursday, July 7th, in Conference Export to Peru and Colombia, organized by the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce.

Our International Sales Manager, Diego Suárez, was interviewed by Heraldo de Aragón to gather impressions from companies with extensive experience in this type of exportations, such as Aldebarán Sistemas, which had been present in the Latin American market since more than 10 years.

We supply chemical products for applications such as civil explosives and Defence application to Peru. We have been in this country for about five or six years, in fact we export 90% of our materials and Latin America represents between 10 and 15% of our sales», he estimates. In recent years, he indicates, containers and maritime transport represents a barrier due to “how expensive shipping is and because, being dangerous products, it is difficult to obtain space on ships and transits are delayed.”


The difficulty, he stresses, for exports is “now more in logistics than anything else.” The most difficult point, according to sales manager at Aldebarán Sistemas, is «starting to supply the material. Being on the other side of the globe, we must send samples and they have to validate them so, that process, which is slow in itself for a European company, takes longer in Latin America». Despite everything, he says, the bet is to continue growing in this market.

Photo taken from Heraldo de Aragón.


To read the complete news, you can access the same link in the digital version of Heraldo de Aragón, here.


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