On this occasion we would like to talk about our Colour Equipment, a reflection spectrophotometer used to measure colour.

What is a reflection spectrophotometer for?

A reflection spectrophotometer allows colour measurement in the CIELAB space of solid samples, pastes, granules… in a few seconds. In this way, we can easily obtain the colour coordinates of the product or compare it with another reference product.

Q: What is the CIELAB colour space?

A: It is the most widely used space and units for colour determination.

L* a* b* are coordinates that define a colour, these coordinates can be represented in the chromatic circle and in this way the representation of the colour would be visual, we could define each one of them as

L* = Luminosity.

a* = Colour tendency to red (positive) or green (negative).

b* = Colour tendency to yellow (positive) or blue (negative).


P: And what are its real applications?

R: We use it for:

– Analyze the samples at reception and see variations in chlorine with our previous samples

– Analyse the different colour intensity in pigments, practically imperceptible to the human eye.

– To determine the whiteness of a product, which is essential for a wide variety of applications


And all these applications can be combined with our climatic chamber, to see how climatic and ageing variations affect the colour of our products.

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Post by Eugenia

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