• Own REACH registration. We are one of the only three registered companies for this substance
  • Product is customized: particle size, packaging and packing size upon client needs
  • Product is manufactured under temperatura and humidity controlled conditions and packed in vacuum sealed aluminium bags to ensure its “free flow” status, even in case of long term storage
  • Possibility of inert gas packaging
  • Exhaustive control of its quality ensuring high purity and homogeneity
  • Continuous control of particle size, online monitoring, laser INSITEC dry difraction technology, to guarantee homogeneity between lots
  • Widely use in military applications like countermeasures, propellants, impulse, etc.
  • Use for automotive applications like air-bag manufacturing and others
  • Use for almost all pyrotechnical applications in both, civil and military


Homologated boxes with quantity according each client needs for hazardous products; outer kraft box and inner vacuum sealed aluminium bag.

Both, box and bag, are labelled with all product details to ensure traceability at time of client use.

Access from here to Salts section where you will find information, technical sheet  and product sheet in pdf of our ammonium perchlorate (ammoniumperchlorat).


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